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The Managerial decisions and Commercial decisions are engaged in putting pressure in consumption of refined food during this modern society. With view to get escaped from the clutches of the same we may prepare multigrain powder using 30 different grains mentioned hereunder and prepare foodstuffs such as Dosa, Roti, Ragiball, idli etc. We call this as vedic multi grain powder.

Red Kusubalakki - 1 KG Barley Rice - ½ K.G
Bamboo rice- ¼ K.g Wheat-1 K.g
Ragi-1 Kg. White Jowar-1 K.G
Maize-1 K.G Millet-1 K.G
Jowar-1 K.G Wrinkles corn- ½ K.G
Green Gram-1 K.G Arka-1 K.G
Beans- ½ K.G Soya ¼ K.G
Chickpea- ½ K.G Cowpea nuts – ¼ K.G
Pakinum – 1 K.G Batani – ½ K.G
Black Dal- ½ K.G Flax Seed- ¼ K.G
Sesame- ¼ K.G Toordal- ½ K.G
Fenugreek- 150 Gram Peanuts- ½ K.G
White Sesame- ¼ K.G Rajagiri- ½ K.G
Baragu-1 K.G Udalu – 1 K.G
Rajamudi Rice- 1 K.G Korle- 1 K.G