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About Us

Our organisation is engaged in publishing ancient science with a touch of modern hypothesis and the ancient Indian civilization have comprised science within it since thousands of years ago. In India there were various scientists in astronomy, mathematics, medicinal sciences. These scientists were probably known and called as Rushimunis.

The achievement of ours in most of the technology is of notable one, but unfortunately they were not reflected in ancient background resulting in deficiency in getting good propaganda. And the achievement of our ancient scientists remained gloomy. While discussing regarding science of ancient we can categorise it into two categorised opinions.

While one part adduces that the ancient Indian scientists were within the knowledge of all the ideas prevailing today, and there was nothing existed which they did know. Apart the other part adduces and arrive to an immature decision that the ancient Indian science was not so much possible to apply and they all were unable to implement in practical.

What is the circumstance in arriving such a conclusion? It is well known truth that ours heritage was not rightfully brought to international platform when it was necessary. This work might have done by the historians. Those who recorded history should have done it promptly. But the foreign scholars especially British who ruled India became successful in grabbing Indian science and implementing it in their and European culture through Latin language and this resulted in gloomy on the part of our science.

But, at this juncture our intention is to expose all these untruth facts and reflect the same in a realty manner before the world without any prejudice by conducting researches in a modern style. Also, it is our intention to bring awareness among people regarding society such as health and other aspects and also conducting programmes, workshops, publications etc.,

The subjects which are taken for research are physics, chemistry, medical sciences, medicinal sciences, metal science, geography, zoology, Phytology, Technology, Agricultural Sciences, biodiversity and environmental awareness, irrigation, indigenous medicinal system and others it is our main work of our organisation to research the ancient sciences with a modern view and bring the real truth in front of the society.